please meet: littleskeinanne

January 09, 2017 0 Comments

About a week ago, I quietly changed my social media names to littleskeinanne. That's how you'll find me on Instagram, Ravelry, Twitter, and Pinterest. And, Little Skein now has a YouTube channel for kit previews, mini-tutorials, and maker moments at LittleSkeinintheBigWool.

My old social media names were previously a mashup of my very first online moniker, annielight, or when annielight or littleskein was taken, annielightknits. It felt right to do some New Year's clean-up and align my usernames with the shop, which is mostly how all the wonderful knitters I chat with via social media have come to know me.

A little behind-the-scenes story of my new profile picture

This past fall, I met a wonderful local photographer and knitter, Larkin Small, via a Ravelry introduction, and she and I began to collaborate on my fall kit photographs. (Check out My Favorite Things ebook photos -- her work is extraordinary!) On a sunny day in late October, Larkin and I met in front of one of my favorite murals in the Mission District of San Francisco, and she took new headshots of me.

The mural is called the New World Tree of Life by Juana Alicia. San Francisco has an amazing tradition of outdoor art and murals, and this one is a particular favorite of mine. It depicts Adam and Eve and their children in the form of a traditional Mexican ceramic tree of life, radiating light and surrounded by native San Francisco wildlife. It has an overall sense of being a peaceful temple. It's painted on the front entrance of a local indoor pool, and a playground is right next door. I love its peaceful, natural vibe, and the honor it gives to Eve. The colors are bright and vivid, bringing a shot of happiness to my heart.

What I didn't fully see when Larkin and I met there is that Adam and Eve are, of course, naked. In the final images, this aspect of the mural seemed to jump out at me, and I wondered whether it was appropriate to use for my shop site. I decided to go ahead because I love what this mural stands for: peace, harmony and growth. And, it's a little unintended and perhaps extra wonderful for not being completely perfect.