our annual studio sale, with a twist

January 13, 2017 0 Comments

Long-time Little Skein customers will know that each year in January, I love to thoroughly clean and sort the studio and the result is a festive and fun week-long annual studio sale, with lots of destashes, special items becoming available, and the opportunity to purchase yardage of my original fabrics.

This year is going to be a little bit the same and a little bit different. Here's the quick story:

Progressive studio sale | Monday, January 16 to Friday, January 20

Monday: 10% off

Tuesday: 15% off
Wednesday: 20% off
Thursday: 30% off
Friday: 40% off

Here's the longer story:

As Little Skein has grown, I've done some reflecting on our business model and have decided to make a few changes.

I started out with kits that had original (but not exclusive to me) fabrics and I also sourced harder-to-find Japanese fabrics. As our kits have taken off and become so popular (thank you so much!), I've started working more and more with illustrators and pattern designers to bring a collaborative fabric vision to life. I think this is where Little Skein really adds value. There are other wonderful places to buy project bags (and I'm a customer of many of these creative shops), so I'm always looking to answer the question, "what makes a Little Skein project bag unique?"

To me, the answer is our original fabric. We bring to life a favorite story or season in a yarnie way. Your purchase directly supports working artists (the illustrator, to whom I pay a fair and competitive fee for commercial rights, and me, as creative director). You have a project bag that you won't find anywhere else. It's truly a unique item. Plus, for me, creating new fabrics is simply so much fun.

I now also offer our fabrics by-the-yard all year long and not just during the annual studio sale.

What does this mean for this year? After the studio sale, we won't be making project bags from regular Spoonflower or Japanese fabrics. I've also applied the same critical eye toward our entire product line and will be moving deeper into some areas, and out of others. But, I have a lot of wonderful project bags in Japanese fabrics already sewn and ready to ship, as well as other items that I won't be restocking.

What's on sale?

The new year feels like a wonderful time to make the transition to original fabrics only, so everything we won't be making more of is going to be for sale during our annual studio sale next week. This includes:

  • Japanese fabric project bags
  • Project bags made from Spoonflower fabrics
  • Buttons
  • Greeting cards where the new versions will be resized
  • Fabric scrap packs
  • Destashes
  • and more!

Fabric scraps!

As we have in years' past, we'll be bundling up our fabric scraps -- which include scraps from our original fabrics as well as a mix of canvas, interfacing, and Japanese fabric scraps -- for $5 a bundle plus flat rate shipping. (These won't be on sale, per se, and I'll be increasing the price incrementally to compensate for that day's discount, so they stay at $5 per pack throughout the week.)

One additional note: We won't be routinely offering handles for the sale project bags. If you really really want or need one, leave us a note in the comments section and I'll make one for you by request and invoice you directly for the cost.

Create tote bag bonus

For orders over $75, we'll tuck in one of our Create tote bags, as supplies last. You don't need to do anything special to get it, we'll just tuck it into your order as a thank you. We have about 50 of them, so I think supplies should last well into the week, but this is, of course, one of those "as supplies last" offers.

How to shop the sale

Update (1/15): I had originally planned to take inventory out of the shop on Sunday (today), but realized that it's the last day for Hundred Acre Wood preorders. Whoops! The new plan is that Hundred Acre Wood preorders and our permanent collection will be in the shop and available to purchase until I wake up on Monday. Then, sometime early Monday morning, I'll load up the sale.

Beginning Monday morning Pacific Time, you can start shopping the sale and when you check out, use the coupon code:


Each day at 6:00 a.m. Pacific Time, I'll update the code to give you the new percentage discount.

Thanks so much to all the knitters who have helped Little Skein grow, and I hope you will join me next week for a festive studio sale and find a new treasure to inspire your knitting.