Molly the Beagle's Origin Story

This is a little minisode of my new podcast, Little Skein & the Big Stash, which will be debuting on October 1st. In this short video, I share the background story about why we (will) have a segment called #beaglelife.

I share how Miss Molly, our beagle, came to be part of our family and why I call her my "special needs" beagle. I talk a bit about reactive dogs and dog training.

Key links:

Little Skein shop
Ravelry group
YouTube channel for the podcast
You can reach me by email at anne (at) littleskein (dot) com

Molly’s origin story

AKC description of beagles
Molly’s breeder
Molly's mom and Molly's dad
Molly's brother who's become a show champion (not the brother who was adopted with her, but the show quality beagle that the breeder kept from Molly's litter)

Molly's trainer

Great training resources:

Patricia McConnell
Pat Miller
Victoria Stilwell


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