Knitting in (and out of) season

In this episode of my podcast with friend and fellow maker, Stacie of Must Stash Yarn, we talk about what it’s like to knit and make during weather seasons that are continually out of sync with the actual weather outside. We share lots of knitting (I have a finished object!) and talk about what’s coming up in our studios.

Helpful links

I'm wearing my Knot Hole Tree cowl and a handmade Sailor Top. The cowl pattern is my Tale as Old as Time pattern, and the yarn is Must Stash cowl self-striping in Knot Hole Tree. My top is the Sailor pattern by Fancy Tiger in a vintage Heather Ross Kokka fabric.

Reflections on knitting in and out of season

Things we mention:

  • Must Stash May the 4th be with you collection (preorders are currently closed)
  • Must Stash summer tour (coming this summer)
  • Anne’s Pinterest boards
  • Little Skein “Liberty Knit” collection
What we're making

Stacie is knitting:

Anne is knitting:

In the studio

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